Controlling online production from board portals? This is real!

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With the transition to total automation, more and more manufacturing processes in any product group require less manual labor and more engineers to monitor, control and adjust every stage of production, from purchasing resources to selling finished products. How can one make sure that everything goes according to plan in such circumstances? The board’s portal software can help. Let’s take a look at how and what you can control online using the same tools as your online board meeting.

How to manage from a virtual boardroom


When switching to autonomous production, the issue of proper quality control is one of the most important for businesses that want to prevent the unanticipated consequences that can lead to financial costs in a timely manner. How can I do this with the help of the board software and what can I manage from my online office?


Production volume. By analyzing production metrics, you can build a business development strategy based on real data.
Scheduling equipment reviews and related costs. Modern technologies have made it possible to automatically remind them of the need for checks to reduce the risk of sudden problems within the system. With this data, you can manage and schedule prevention dates without compromising your workflow.

Team activities. This is especially useful for the HR department, which is the link between the management team and the employee team.
Processes of reception-transfer of production data at the change of the owner. Internal and external audits are an integral part of the merger or acquisition process. That is why it is important to pay attention to how the auditors collect and analyze the data. With virtual rooms and board management software, you can monitor what your production data is used for and how it is interpreted.

How does this ensure production control?

If, under normal conditions, the boardroom software is used to exchange documentation, sign papers, hold meetings, etc., then for manufacturing, this method of control is for the most part informative. This is important for planning further work because managing a company based on real metrics is more effective. That is why it is worth the time to compare the portals of the board of directors on available in the market to choose the best option.


Access to enterprise analytics is key not only for machine control engineers but also for top executives who formulate a strategy for developing and increasing market share. Without this data, trying to develop any plan for at least the next 5 years is doomed to the fact that its real results will be different from those predicted. And in business, as you know, any surprises have financial consequences, often – those to which the budget is not quite ready.